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Our Vision: to impact the youth of Italy with the message of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission: to provide outreach opportunities for the youth of Italy and equip local church leaders for youth ministry.

How We Can Help:

We are available to come for a weekend and help your church begin a Jesus-focused youth ministry.  This would be accomplished by helping your adult leaders to lay down the proper foundation for developing a youth ministry relevant to today’s youth.  The weekend would include training on Friday evening and Saturday, concluding with a youth rally on Saturday evening.   A detailed schedule of this conference is available upon request.

We are also available to lead a youth camp or conference in your area, supported by teams from USA.  Please contact us for more details on this.

We hold national youth leaders ministry conferences in Italy that you may participate in, with speaker and teams from USA. If you are interested in organizing a conference i your area, please contact us.
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