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Dritto al Cuore, is a TV program, produced by Sondra Sottile since 2007, for CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) and hosted by Gaetano Sottile.

Ron Jones, nominated twice for the Emmy Awards, composes the sound tracks.

The goal of the program is to share the faith in  Christian values by influential people, who tell their experiences of life. In each episode there are two interviews, supported by movies of the guests, who tell their own story.

Here are some of our guests: Mayor of Milan - Letizia Moratti, the Archbishop of Rome -  Mons. Rino Fisichella, Model - Jules Huys. Actors include: Chuck Norris, Tyler Perry, Kirk Cameron; Soccer players Nicola Legrottaglie, Edinson Cavani, Vidgal, Santos Gleason and Rubinho; Actress - Hunter Tylo; Singers Natalie Cole, Fantasia, Rosalia Misseri, and Ornella Vanoni and many other athletes.

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