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What is Equip?
Dear Church Leader,
Words cannot begin to describe how excited we are, at EQUIP, to be a part of your leadership
development. Let me explain why.
We believe God has called us to a “Million Leaders Mandate.” It is a huge goal. We plan to reach every
continent of the world before we are finished. The goal is to equip one million Christian leaders to
impact their world for Christ… and you are a part of this vision. You are one in a million!

The challenge is we can only accomplish our goal with your help. Our objective for this training manual
is not simply to give you tools to become a better leader. We do hope that will happen. Our goal,
however, is far more than that. We are challenging everyone who experiences this training to identify
twenty-five other leaders (or potential leaders) whom you could equip in this material as well. We
want you not only to be a leader, but a leader of leaders. We want you to be a mentor to leaders, who
will multiply in others the training you’ve received. Do you remember what the Apostle Paul said to
Timothy? He wrote…
“And these things which you have heard from me, in the presence of many
witnesses, entrust these things to faithful men, who will be able to teach others
also…” (II Timothy 2:2)
Remember, leadership development is not an “event” but a “process.” We don’t believe you can
prepare to be a great leader in a day. That’s why this notebook is only part of the journey. Additional
notebooks will be provided over a three-year period. This curriculum reflects 25 years of my leading
and developing leaders. We are asking you to decide now to be a student of leadership. Be a part of
the process. Learn it. Live it. Pass it on to others.
I am humbled and honored to join you in this endeavor. I have prayed for months, even years, about
this vision. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the challenge of leading and equipping other
leaders for the Church of Jesus Christ.
Many people are coming to Christ each day around the world. The crying need of the hour is for
healthy, effective, spiritual leaders to guide them. We invite you to take this journey with us. May we
enter heaven rejoicing together that we were part of the greatest leadership movement the world has
ever seen.
May God bless you as you multiply,

Dr. John C. Maxwell
Equip Team


Many years of John Maxwell’s experience in the ministry of the local church, gave him the chance to visit missionaries and believers all around the world. John always came back from these trips, giving thanks to God for those leaders and for their passion in sharing the Gospel. Watching at the desire of development of the leadership in Italy, John’s desire was  to put another tool in their hands in order to bring a new encouragement and inspiration.

It was during a mission at the middle of  90’s, that John was encouraged from a Christian leader, international well-known, to gather all the best of his material on the leadership, in order to adapt it to a development program for a world audience. So, in 1996 John Maxwell founded EQUIP, a non profit world mission ministry. Maxwell’s conviction is that if the hope of the church is to fulfil the Great Commitment, we need to come back to Jesus’ strategy: equipping leaders.

John often states, “Jesus’ goal on this Earth was trying to save the lost. During His public ministry, lasted three years and half, Jesus didn’t go preaching in evangelistic crusades in Asia and He didn’t heal everyone He met. Most of the time He prepared twelve people, so that they could have an impact on the next generation .” John’s vision for EQUIP is to continually be involved in the preparation of leaders all around the world. He is absolutely convinced that if the Christian leaders in the world are prepared, equipped with the right resources and encouraged, there are no limits in what that can be fulfil reaching the Great Commission!

We are with you in the fulfilment of the Great Commission,

Dr. Gaetano Sottile
Italy for Christ, Inc. President



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