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I Today Matters - Hotel San Marco, Fiuggi (FR), November 7th - 8th 2008
Today Can Be a Masterpiece
Managing My Attitudes, Priorities and Health
Managing My Family, Thinking and Commitment
Managing My Finances, Faith and Relationship
Managing My Generosity, Values and Growth
Managing My Personal Growth

II Winning with People - Hotel San Marco, Fiuggi (FR), June 5th - 6th, 2009
The Right to Have Followers
Are We Prepared for Relationships?
Are We Willing to Focus on Others?
Can We Build Mutual Trust?
Are We Willing to Invest in Others?
Can We Create a Win-Win Relationship?

III 360 Degree Leader - Hotel San Marco, Fiuggi (FR), November 6th - 7th, 2009
The Myths of Leading from the Middle of an Organization
The Challenges 360 Degree Leaders Face
The Principles 360 Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Up
The Principles 360 Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Across
The Principles 360 Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Down
The 360 Degree Leader and Generosity

IV Thinking for a Change - Rome, May 21st - 22nd, 2010
Change your Thinking and Change your Life
Focused Thinking and Creative Thinking
Realistic Thinking and Strategic Thinking
Possibility Thinking and Reflective Thinking
Popoular Thinking and Shared Thinking
Unselfish Thinking and Bottom Line Thinking


TTT1 -  Hotel dei Consoli, Rome  October 28th - 29th 2005
God's Call for Us to Lead
The Heart of a Leader
I Have a Dream!
Priorities and Decision Making
Cultivating People Skills in Your Leadership
Strategic Planning

TTT 2 - Hotel San Marco, Fiuggi (FR) May 26th - 27th  2006
The Leadership Test
Security or Sabotage
Delegating Tasks and Developing People
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
The Wisest Investment You'll Ever Make
Measuring Your Leadership Growth

TTT 3 - Hotel San Marco, Fiuggi (FR) November 10th - 11th 2006
Leadership Begins with an Attitude
The Leader's Inner Circle
Christ, the Great Communicator
Leading When Times Are Tough
Five Levels of Leadership
The Art of the Basin and the Towel

TTT 4 - Hotel San Marco, Fiuggi (FR) June 8th - 9th  2007
The Life You Were Meant to Live
How Leaders Pray
Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts
Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tool
I Like Your Style
How to Grow a Leader
Characteristics of a Giant Killer

TTT 5 -  Hotel San Marco, Fiuggi (FR) November 16th - 17th 2007
The Foundation for Our Leadership
Leadership Is Stewardship
Leading Different Personalities
Principles for Getting the Job Done
The Power of Partnership
Your Decision Determines Your Destiny

TTT 6 - Hotel Silva Splendid, Fiuggi (FR) May 16th - 17th  2008
Today Matters: Leadership and Personal Growth
Leadership and Credibility: Making the Tough Call
The Leader's Time:Tick,Tock, Manage the Clock
Leadership and Relationships:They Make Me or Break Me
The Leader as a Coach: Building an Effective Team
The Ultimate Purpose of Leadership: Fulfilling the Great Commission

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