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The International Ministry by John Maxwell as its goal, is the preparation of your leaders, an effective three-year course of leadership development. EQUIP started the challenge to equip millions of Christian leaders around the world. We want to join you in the developing thousand of leaders for the next big growth of the Church in Italy.

What is Equip?
Dear Church Leader,
Words cannot begin to describe how excited we are, at EQUIP, to be a part of your leadership
development. Let me explain why.
We believe God has called us to a “Million Leaders Mandate.” It is a huge goal. We plan to reach every
continent of the world before we are finished. The goal is to equip one million Christian leaders to
impact their world for Christ… and you are a part of this vision. You are one in a million!


I Today Matters - Hotel San Marco, Fiuggi (FR), November 7th - 8th 2008
Today Can Be a Masterpiece
Managing My Attitudes, Priorities and Health
Managing My Family, Thinking and Commitment
Managing My Finances, Faith and Relationship
Managing My Generosity, Values and Growth
Managing My Personal Growth

II Winning with People - Hotel San Marco, Fiuggi (FR), June 5th - 6th, 2009
The Right to Have Followers
Are We Prepared for Relationships?
Are We Willing to Focus on Others?
Can We Build Mutual Trust?
Are We Willing to Invest in Others?
Can We Create a Win-Win Relationship?

III 360 Degree Leader - Hotel San Marco, Fiuggi (FR), November 6th - 7th, 2009
The Myths of Leading from the Middle of an Organization
The Challenges 360 Degree Leaders Face
The Principles 360 Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Up
The Principles 360 Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Across
The Principles 360 Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Down
The 360 Degree Leader and Generosity

IV Thinking for a Change - Rome, May 21st - 22nd, 2010
Change your Thinking and Change your Life
Focused Thinking and Creative Thinking
Realistic Thinking and Strategic Thinking
Possibility Thinking and Reflective Thinking
Popoular Thinking and Shared Thinking
Unselfish Thinking and Bottom Line Thinking

Equip Livello 3


Ottobre 2011

Carissimi leader,

vorrei, innanzitutto, congratularmi con voi per aver portato a termine il Livello 1 ed il Livello 2 di MLM Equip.


The Teachers


Robert (Bob) has served as pastor for 20 years, was a Christian School Administrator and has served on numerous boards of Christian organizations, and just finished serving on the board of Italy for Christ. Recently, he has worked in development for the Christian Broadcasting Network and the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association. He also owns an outdoor advertising business (Billboards). His passions are evangelism, funding the Great Commission, preaching and networking for the Kingdom. Bob and his wife Sheri have 3 children: Bob, Becky and Jennie. Bob also serves as Assistant Golf Coach for the University of Pittsburgh.

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Dino is Senior Pastor of Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, since he founded the church in 1993. As a young and passionate pastor called to bring healing to hurting people, Pastor Dino uses his unique preaching style along with various other media to illustrate his biblical messages. His heart inspires Christians to act with "bold love" as they step out of their safety zones, abandon their fears and connect with others


The Leadership Resources and Leadership Library are an important part of EQUIP’s vision to train leaders through the Million Leaders Mandate.  The following resources will be given to the 40,000 Certified Trainers throughout the three-year process, equipping them with resources as they progress in their leadership journey.




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