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Annual Youth Training Conference "Equipped for the Action”

# 2

Dear friends and supporters of the ministry,

We just finished a glorious conference for emerging young leaders!  The main theme was “Equipped For The Action”!

In perspective of the strong evangelistic opportunity we have in 2016 with the Jubilee, firm plans have been made to saturate Rome and the major cities of Italy with evangelistic teams in order to distribute the book Mercy, printed in 1 million copies, and proclaim the message of salvation in Jesus Christ!


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Christmas 2015

Dear friends, I would like to share with you what Christmas means to me.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the word DIGNITY.


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Family Savic November 2015

Evangelical Church Banovo Brdo, Belgrade, Serbia

Breakfast for the Ladies

On November 28 Goca organized with her coworkers the second Breakfast for Ladies in the hotel Park in Belgrade. The point of the breakfast was to evangelize women invited by friends in a different surrounding and atmosphere that is not the church, and where they would be able to hear the Gospel and testimonies about the changed lives.


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Sicily update - Collesanos

October 2015 - Greetings precious supporters, a lot is happening here and we are busier than ever, preparing to leave for the States for the Holiday and then we will be relocating near Catania in the New Year.  As we are preparing and packing up all our belongings we have been seeking the Lord as to where we should go and He opened up a fresh door that a dear brother near Catania offered us housing for the near future.

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Sicily September Upadate - The Collesanos

Hello again from not so sunny Sicily. We have had so far storms upon storms with lots of rain, lots of damages around the province of Catania.

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Summer Crusades Naples - July 2015

Knowing the truth shall make people free!  This was the theme of our weekend crusade in one of the most important plazas in Naples.



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Evangelical Church Banovo brdo, Belgrade, Serbia

Nesa and Goca Savic – May 2015


May 17 was a special day for the history of our church. On that day the church board was formed from two brothers. On Milos and Doca hands were laid for acting on the board of our church. Nebojsa has worked for seven months with a group of potential leaders and he chose two of them who are ready to serve and help in the leadership of the church. It was a great pleasure to see God at work and how He changed their lives. Our plan and vision was never to do all work by ourselves. The church is growing and we are glad that God gave us new, quality people to serve and lead the church along with us. What a happy day! Praise the Lord!

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40,000 La Mia Storia Distributed SUMMER 2015

Our partnership in reaching the youth in Italy for Christ with Onehope has been such a blessing to Italy.  In February we received another shipment of La Mia Storia from OneHope. We have now distributed more than 250,000 in Italy, this will opens doors in the schools.

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Hello from sunny Sicily, summer maybe has started. For sure the rain and cool nights makes feel we are still in March. Galatians 2:16, this verse speaks volumes about what we do, rather, what He does when we are available to Him. These last few months have been very busy with 'works' in helping people, churches, refugees with food, clothes and most of all the Word of God.



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Hello everyone, we hope this will find you well and serving Our Lord. Please Be Encouraged, Joshua 1: 8-9.

We have seen and live in a world filled with turmoil and no hope unless WE share His Hope to the world. In the U.S.A we see all kinds of me first, riots, revolts, anger, hate towards others, the same is true here. Joshua needed ENCOURAGEMENT, and we need it too, it comes from His Word.

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Family Savic - April 2015

Evangelical Church Banovo brdo, Belgrade, Serbia

First regional conference “Weekend to Remember”

With great joy we inform you that we held a very blessed Conference on March 20-22 for the married couples from Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro. There were 82 couples. This was the largest marriage conference so far in this region. The speakers were Dr. Tim and Darcy Kimmel from USA, founders of the organization Family Matters. They spoke on the topic of Grace filled marriage.

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Olford Expository Teaching - March 29th 2015

On my missionary journey to Sicily at the end of March, I was so excited to have Sondra come with me. Having Sondra on my side while ministering is both a privilege and an encouragement.  I always say that she is my #1fan!



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Pope Francis has just issued 2 historical statements!

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Family Savic - March Update 2015

Evangelical Church Banovo brdo, Belgrade, Serbia


For five months now Nebojsa has been working with four young guys that he carefully chose. Those are young people, full of potential for whom we believe that God has a special plan and that He will use in the future in a special way. The lessons we teach are helping them to grow and form a Christian character. Since the church is growing Nebojsa needs assistants and new leaders. New leaders are formed in such a process, through the teaching and mentoring. Pray for them, their names are Sova, Nemanja, Milos and Doca. God wants to continue His work on them.


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Sicily Update February 2015

Greetings precious friends, all well here in Sicily, a bit cold too.

On this report I desire the opportunity to thank my wife. She is more than wonderful to me and our kids, why - because of Pennie this year we took a long deserved vacation after being on the field for ten years.  Maybe I do not say very often, THANK YOU DEAR.



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12 Baptisms in Castelbuono and Much More

Dec 2014 -  Jan 2015

December flew away real fast , it seems that even the Christmas season lasted just a few days.  We are thankful to the Lord for allowing us to spend this time with our loved ones and taking care of doctor’s visits, all is well, routine checkups.


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Sicily Outpouring to the Needy

September 2014 - We serve an Awesome God.  This is a statement that needs no explanation.  He uses us even when we think that because our resources are low it cannot be done, He does great things. We can also say that because of our awesome partners that labor with us, yes you, even six thousand miles away, you who are praying, giving and so much more, we can say Thank You for your love toward the Kingdom.

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Graduation Serbja

September 2014 - As the Lord continues to open doors for IFC to share the gospel of Christ in this generation, we consider it such a blessing to be able to stretch His hands and feet to areas open to the gospel, craving the right direction, especially in areas that have been critical to bringing back His word to areas divided by war.  Please enjoy these comments of those hearts and lives touched because of your prayers and support.




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July - August Report from Sicily

July was quite busy and filled with His blessings; you can see it from the photos. Uriel , a young sailor that I had the privilege to lead to Christ is back in the States preparing to go and finish is degree in medicine, let's keep the prayers going for his future as a new believer.






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Sicily Evangelistic Tour 2014

By Marc Eckel

In the spring of 2014, the Lord opened a door for SplatExperience to partner once again with missionaries Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano in Sicily, Italy. And though that whole process is an exciting story all by itself, this report is intended to let you know how God worked through us during our time traveling across Sicily between May 26 and June 25.


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One Hope Calabria 2015 - 2016


Region: Calabria

Population Target: 455,000 Youth (10-29 years old)

Project: La Mia 2.0

Number of copies received: 30,000

Number of Copies distributed: 29,000

Contact Man: Danilo Barberio

Team number: 15/20 People


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Giuseppe & Pennie Update - Nov. and December 2015

Greetings from cold Michigan, always I am in Michigan in the coldest months of the year, but good to be with family.



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Rome, December 2015 - Under the auspices of the WEF (World Evangelical Alliance) and Onehope, Italy For Christ has coordinated the gathering in Rome of the conference CONVERGE.

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Becoming a Person of Influence

Lugano, Como and Milan - October 2015


Dear IFC Supporters,

Making the investment of our resources in terms of time, talents and treasures has been the foundational motivation of our ministry for the past 33 years!  It just feels right when we see our investment produce fruit over time!

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New Youth Initiative is Born for Italy Mission 1:9

Dear Partners,

I hope this email finds you well.

I wanted to share with you about an opportunity we have as leaders in Italy to help advocate for the next generation.



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Summer Evangelistic Tour – Sicily 2015

God for sure Is Faithful and we are thankful to have friends like you that pray for us, because prayer is effectual.

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News from Sicily - The Collesanos June 2015

Hello from sunny, hot, humid, chaotic Sicily, now we miss winter.

Even on this tropical island, God desires to use us wherever and whenever we are available to Him. We stand now at almost 80,000 refugees that have arrived here, on pace to reach the forecasted 250,000, it is up to us here to reach them.

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Sicily Rotary Club - Ragusa

Leadership Conference – June 2015

What an unforgettable weekend I had in Sicily.

Adding value to people without the pressure of "converting” them, was confirmed once again to be a winning attitude! The Rotary club of Sicily invited me for a leadership conference. The attendance was expected to be around 70 but over 200 showed up from many cities!



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The Importance of Our Investment!

Serbia June 2015

Dear partners and supporters,

In our daily life we have so many things that require our prayers and investments. We all get flooded with requests and it is always our desire to be open and embrace them all.

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Finding God’s Will For Your Life

Evangelism Syracuse, Sicily - May1-3, 2015

After our incredible weekend in Syracuse, Sicily, while waiting to board the plane I said to Sondra: How do you feel about leaving a great impact in the life of many leaders and believers in only 72 hours?

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Giuseppe Update, Aprile 2015

Hello everyone.  Again we thank God for His love and faithfulness to us.  As you know I am dealing with my dental trouble here.  This past week stayed at home after a visit to my mother and a barbecue with the local church in Cefalu' the day after Easter.  The ping pong size swelling has gone down a little and need desperately to get to a dentist.  I still was able to host a friend and go to the Sunday service.


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March 28th, 2015 - Catania, Sicily
How do we respond to a leadership class in Italy that is in an irreversible crisis?  What do we say to many mayors who have a limited budget while facing upcoming challenges that hit all the citizens they are responsible for?

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What is your action plan for the coming year with its specific goals?

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Hello and blessings from Sicily. After returning to Sicily from our furlough in the states Sicily is busier month than ever, lots of travel. I visited my mother in Castelbuono, preached in Geraci where 14 where baptized In January and spent time with the local church there.



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Evangelism and Leadership Training - Starting Back With Me

January – February off to a Great Start 2015

This has been a very busy month and we are just at the beginning of February! On January21st I led a whole day training session with young, motivated and ready to roll young emerging leaders.  The main focus and final resolution was to create  system to equip via Internet and local conferences people of influence on leadership.



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Annual Winter Youth Retreat

Jan 2015 - What a great youth leader conference we had this last weekend in Rome! We had leaders coming both from the North and South Italy. We also had the honor of once again have Paul Walker, Colin and Melissa Piper, Mark Oestreicher and several others join us from OneHope of Florida.



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Launching a Leadership Revolution

October 2014 - What a wonderful appointment for Italy to have had both Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward who arrived Friday  October 3rd to hold two conferences on leadership, one in Rome and the other in Naples.  New York Times best-selling authors, the two American writers on Friday, crossed the threshold of the Italian Senate to hold a press conference entitled: Launching a Leadership Revolution. The speakers were the Governor of the Italian Senate, Senator Lucio Malan and President of Italy for Christ, Dr. Gaetano Sottile.


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Sicily in August 2014

Hello from Sicily , with the month of August gone everybody is back at work here, school starts in a week.

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6.  This is so true these days when we see that we are bombarded with all kinds of (things) stuff to keep us occupied; things of no relevance instead of things we should be occupied with.

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Glorious Baptisms in Naples

It is always exciting to share about a baptism service but this one in Naples was a special one!


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Great Happenings in Sicily June 2014

The Lord allowed us to have a great opportunity in sharing His Word from the end of May until Marc Eckel left the island at the end of June. All began when our friend Jeff Outland from Woodside Bible Church, our church, contacted us saying that he was coming on the 25th of May, and Marc was scheduled to arrive on the 26th.

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